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I can't believe that it's already been two weeks since I was in Syracuse watching the Baby Bolts win. The individual days have taken so long, but somehow it's all passes to quickly. 

I took photos, as I'm likely to do...our seats for perfect for it. You can see all of them right here, but here's a couple if you're don't wanna click:
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 Yesterday I saw someone who was ‘irritated a little bit’ (her words, not mine) say that her mom didn’t give birth to her, she was just removed because it was a c-section then brag that she 'offended her mom'  and now all I can think of is the day that Madison lashes out at me that way because we have a disagreement and she wants to hurt me because of it. 

Being a mom is hard for a lot of reasons I never even thought about before. 
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 4.) A song that gets stuck in your head

What else was it going to be, right?

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 I'm already behind. lol

2.) A song that made you a fan of the artist.

I fell in love with imagine Dragons when I heard this song:

3.) A parody or novelty song that you like:

There isn't a song that makes me laugh harder than White and Nerdy

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1. I am not embarrassed by anything that I listen to. What's the point of that?

(I will probably fall behind next week, oops~)

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I went to the zoo yesterday. It was a local zoo, and they have animal hospitals and they're caring for animals that can't be out in the wild anymore, which makes me feel a little less bad about going.

The manatee hospital in particular was interesting to see.

My brother is graduating soon from Penn. We're going up for it and I managed to secure a Mother's Day present of a jaunt up to Syracuse to see the Crunch play in the AHL playoffs. I hope that there's a fifth game. Heh

Why do schools do graduations on Mother's Day? I mean, great if you're a mom of a graduating child, I guess, but it seems a little odd. Oh well.
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It's the anniversary of my grandmother's passing, and it's still very hard for me to deal with it. I think having Madison has made it harder, because they never got to meet.

I don't know if it ever gets easier to deal with losing a loved one, but maybe it's easier to take some solace in the good things, like Madison's smile and laughter.
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Today I saw a person dismiss a coach's issue with five different players as inconsequential proof for him possibly being a root cause of the many issues that the team has faced. I don't even know what else to say to them.

Madison continues to not want to sleep. It's as exhausting as you'd imagine. Being a parent is just about as hard as I always thought it would be, but I'm not too bad at it, I guess.

I'm going to Philly for Mother's Day...not for me, but because my brother graduates college. It's all very exciting. I guess.

Any idea where to find people to interact with that doesn't include Friending Memes?
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Madison is on a cycle where she doesn't want to sleep until ass o'clock but she still wakes up super early and I really hope it ends soon because I can't keep staying up until 2, taking care of "I don't want to nap" baby all day long and then just repeating it.

And when I say ass o'clock, I mean 1 and 2 am.

Her dad barks commands at her like she's a dog and I can't get him to stop. His reply is always "I don't understand why she does (thing)" She's a TODDLER. That's why. That isn't a good enough answer for him and I don't know what else to say or do.
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I keep having this issue where I'm absolutely exhausted, but I can't go to sleep when I go to bed. I'm talking lay thee until at least 3 am before I finally manage to fall asleep.

And sometimes Madison wakes up at around 5:30, so you can probably imagine how tired I spend my days, only to not be able to sleep when bedtime comes back around. Or you would if there was still anyone on this site reading this. Heh

So, I guess I came back around to my previous insomnia. I didn't miss it at all.

I'm going to try and write in this properly to see if having thoughts down helps me. I never really have before though.
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I still don't know anything about friends and communities here, really. lol
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I don'r know anything about finding communities and friends here.. hahaha


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